Art Classes

Ed Hinkley, art class demoA typical class consists of three, to a maximum of six individuals painting at different levels; from the beginner with no previous drawing or painting instruction, but who is seriously interested in understanding the medium, to those who have had many years of painting experience. All the instruction is based on working one on one with the instructor with the added benefit of exposure to and interaction between experience levels of the participants. This also includes ongoing one on one critiques, counseling and portfolio preparation.

Beginning students will work toward understanding the traditional watercolor and its materials through exercises in color, composition and technique, and practice with a wide variety of subjects and source material-including their own-in and out of class. Subsequent sessions will cover more contemporary/experimental techniques using other waterbased media such as gouache and acrylic.

What to Expect

Students joining the classes who have had previous painting experience will be encouraged to develop a more personal, refined vision of their work with the possibility of pursuing future exhibition or grant opportunities.

There are three ten week sessions during the year and a six week session in the summer. Private individual and small group sessions may be reserved depending on time availability.

Additional workshops in drawing, the figure and oil painting are occasionally featured. Ongoing with the classes will be opportunities to visit the Art Institute’s Print and Drawing department, to study watercolors from their collection, as well as view other relevant exhibitions in museums and galleries in the Chicago area.

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Waterworks: Annual Student Exhibition

“Waterworks”, is an annual student exhibition (location/date/fees may vary). Participation in this exhibition is optional, for an additional fee, and provides an opportunity for the developing artist to become involved in the process of preparing for an exhibition: from matting and framing, to developing a mail list, understanding public relations, and selling of work without paying any sales commission. Read More »

Private Lessons

Inquiries into small group, or individual private sessions are welcome. Contact Ed or call 773-539-6047.

Make-Up Class Policy

Missed Watercolor Classes that are part of the 8 or 10-week Sessions can be made up only during other class times if and when space is available during the current session. Not applicable to workshops. For more information, contact Ed or call 773-539-6047.